Double Dog Day: Shiba Inus

I went through my back catalog today, so I could post ‘BLACK LAB FRIDAY’, and I discovered two things: one, I have a LOT of unposted pictures of dogs, and two, I do not have a single picture of a Labrador retriever that I haven’t posted. Crazy!

So instead, have a couple of cute Shibas. I remember where I saw them, but I don’t have any notes. Oh well!

Red Shiba Inu Smiling
Despite their reputation, I don’t think I’ve met a standoffish Shiba in quite a while.
Two Shiba Inus
They were both friendly, I just had to wait until the black and tan one finished investigating something more interesting than me.
Black And Tan Shiba Inu
Never did manage to get the two of them looking in the same direction at the same time.
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