Dog of the Day: Lucy Our Old Shar Pei Friend

Look who I ran into a couple of weeks ago: it’s little LuLu! I first ran into her when she was 1, and had just had a little minor plastic surgery. (No, really! It was a face-tuck to keep her eyelids from everting and making her go blind.) She is now twelve, and still getting along just fine, and is not blind in any way.

Funny, I have this very clear memory of the first time I ran into her, which was down in South Beach right near where I used to work. But the pictures from the link above were from Huntingdon Park, right near where I live. Nevertheless, I’m like 99% sure that’s where I first saw her. I wonder if I can find any of the pictures of her from down there, if I do a little digging?

Edit: so frustrating. I tried to post this yesterday. What happened?

White Shar Pei In A Pink Harness
Ran into her on a rainy day, hanging out in front of a local coffee house.
Slightly Downcast-Looking White Shar Pei
Rainy dog day mood.
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