Dog of the Day: Lucy (AKA Lulu) the Fortunate Shar Pei

She doesn’t look terribly fortunate, does she? Well, she is. ’cause she had a mom who noticed that her eyelids were inverting, which often causes blindness in wrinkly dogs like shar peis. So she got a little bit of plastic surgery, and a week or so with the cone of shame. And I’ve seen her a half dozen times since then, at least, and she’s got the cone off and is happy again.

White Shar Pei in Cone of Shame

Lulu is about a year old in these pictures.

White Shar Pei in Elizabethan Collar

Mom giving her a rawhide chew. She took it quite daintily…

White Shar Pei who Dropped a Treat Into Her Cone of Shame

Yes, she managed to drop the chew onto the inside of her cone. Oops.

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