Dog of the Day: Zuko the Border Collie

I absolutely adore this. Mom, dad, and Zuko (1) just seem like such a happy family.

Man, did I have a weekend. Lots of music, lots of neat people, and… 14 hours of driving. To get back and forth from San Francisco to Santa Cruz, and around a bit in the Santa Cruz area. This is not a number that a person should have to drive in one weekend, let alone when that drive is a total of about 80 miles one way.

Man And Woman With Happy Border Collie
Not sure I’ve ever seen a dog that ‘gets’ family portraits quite this well.
Man And Woman With Happy Border Collie
Complete with a ‘find someone who looks at you the way this border collie looks at his family’ expression.
Black And White Border Collie Looking At Camera
Border collies can be dangerously smart, but I think they have this one under control… mostly.
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