Dog of the Day: Rumpleminze the German Shepherd Australian Cattle Dog Whatever Else Mix Puppy

Living in San Francisco is funny sometimes. I wandered off in the direction of work this morning, only to find that there were a hundred or so police lining part of my route. I paused to see what all the fuss was about, and watched Biden drive by in the giant bulletproof presidential limo. All less than half a mile from my apartment.

Rumpleminze (3 months) was almost certainly not impressed if he happened to be around at the time, although if he was, he almost certainly did try to play with any police, onlookers, and/or presidents who happened upon him.

Be Rumpleminze.

Grinning Australian Cattle Dog German Shepherd Mutt Puppy
Rumpleminze. That’s a new one on me. But, having looked it up, it sounds delicious.
Grinning Australian Cattle Dog German Shepherd Mutt Puppy Scratching Himself
According to mom, I was ‘taking my life into my own hands’ with those sharp puppy teeth. Amazingly, unlike in many other cases, I wasn’t even NEARLY perforated.
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