Dog of the Day: Cici the Tibetan Terrier

A little cute terrier from Tibet, for your viewing pleasure. Cici doesn’t really need her day on DoSF: she’s already famous! She appeared in print ads for outerwear and umbrellas, apparently. Hardly surprising, since she’s cute as a button.

Oh, site update: I got my camera back! It was less than two weeks, and it was working flawlessly when it came back. So whatever my old arguments with Casio, I certainly can’t fault them for this.

Tibetan Terrier

Go figure: Tibetan terriers aren't actually terriers. They're good guard dogs and apparently even pretty good herding dogs.

Tibetan Terrier

The eyes are in there somewhere, I promise. *sigh* I wonder what those new high-dynamic-range cameras are going for now?

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3 Responses to Dog of the Day: Cici the Tibetan Terrier

  1. Erica Rudnick says:

    How fun to find CiCi here. I’ve known CiCi since she was a pup, and her fame is well-deserved! Not only is she gorgeous, but she’s an excellent conversationalist (you should have heard us arguing when she wanted a treat instead of the food in her bowl!) and a true fashionista. She’s very responsible, too, always making sure she knows exactly where her people are and what they’re up to. In fact, she usually tells them when it’s time for bed. Her Mom and Dad must be so proud!

  2. Nancy Harlow says:

    I just spent the day with CiCi while her parents went on a day trip. She insisted on eating the entire bag of treats that they left for her. She is a fashionista. Last year CiCi, dressed as a ladybug, stopped by several pet shops on Halloween so she could fill her tummy with treats. We also crashed a dog Halloween party on Union Street – with every dog in costume. She loves to dress in a feather fascinator and a jeweled collar for the Oscar party. She is a doll or as her daddy calls her “el dogo”.

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