Dog of the Day: Gucci the Teeny Tiny Maltese

Today, the tiniest of Malteses! This pup’s 18 months old, so probably pretty much full grown (although mom says he might fill out a little more, as they finally found a brand of dog food that he likes.) Jeez, he’s smaller than the littlest adult cat I’ve ever seen! And he loves people, even if he normally can’t lick anything higher than the ankles.

I never really spent much time thinking before about how useful it is to have a dog this size. Crate? He could travel in a compartment in my backpack. Get him a big-dog crate, you can put a dog bed for him in the corner and still have room for water and food bowls, six chew toys, and a cat exercise wheel. (If I had a dog that size I would totally get him one of those cat exercise wheels and see if I couldn’t train him to use it if he got bored.) Plus, taking him on public transportation is a snap… heck, I might even be able to take him to work. I could hide him in my desk drawer, and he’d have plenty of room to stretch his legs.

(As for the ‘blog award’ post of last Saturday, I’m going to keep on with it. I realize most of you are a lot more interested in dogs than you are in bloggers, so please don’t think I’ll be offended if you skip those posts.)

Tiny Maltese

Easy to see why they call them 'toy' breeds.

Tiny Maltese

I would really worry about a dog like this in a household with a cat.

Tiny Maltese

I wonder, do dogs get cricks in their necks from constantly looking up at us?

Tiny Maltese

Teeny tiny tongue alert.

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