Dog of the Day: Vegas the Pug/Beagle Mix (Again)

We’ve seen Vegas the puggle once before, way back in 2015! I hadn’t seen her in the Al’s Attire window since around 2017 or so, but here she is once again, lazing about in the sun and keeping an eye on the merchandise.

Site Note: I’m definitely planning on setting up a link with Instagram. I’ve had several people ask, so I thought I’d just mention it. But right now I’m concentrating on being kicked out of my apartment (temporarily) and therefore having to pack up my entire life and flee for several months.

Old Puggle Relaxing In A Store Window
It’s always nice to see an old blog friend still around!
Old Puggle Relaxing In A Store Window
I interrupted her nap. Didn’t even Sorry, pup!
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