Dog of the Day: Cosmo the Borzoi

Cosmo is a very aerodynamic space dog! He is also a three-year-old borzoi who loves everybody and is quite well-behaved.

I was driving down the street and I saw Cosmo and his mom crossing the street and looked around but didn’t see anywhere I could immediately park, so I was quite sad. And around ten blocks later I parked and began walking to my destination and… there was Cosmo! And I was happy. And so was Cosmo.

N.b.: I am not sure I am going to be able to go back to posting every day, but things have settled down now that I am fully moved out of my apartment (aside from some storage places where stuff can stay until the remodeling is over.) So most days, I think. Yay!

Very Thin Borzoi, Head On
Borzois are so FLAT! No wonder they’re fast, they’re super aerodynamic.
Borzoi Looking Dynamic
I wonder if the long floofly fur adds to their air resistance at all?
Borzoi Looking Back Over His Shoulder
Cosmo knew a sucker when he met one, and was a bit reluctant to leave me behind before I was entirely exhausted of pets.
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