Dog of the Day: Lulu the Mutt

I am dog-sitting! I’m in a lovely house in Berkeley, conveniently a block away from a hospital (just in case I klutz it up!) and two blocks from an apparently-very-good Ethiopian restaurant. We’ll try that in the next couple days. And I have a great friend: Lulu, who is a very smart, super-hyper or super-asleep, ultra-cuddly, awesomely-cuddly mutt.

I slept in a king-sized bed with her last night. I got up to go to the bathroom, and then watched her get up, stretch, slide under the covers down to the foot of the bed, turn around three times (thus wrapping all the covers entirely around her and leaving NONE FOR ME), and then lie down with the apparent intent of going to sleep this way. She also started out on the entire other side of the bed from me and sloooowly migrated over until I woke up with her under the covers, cuddled up next to me. She is just a total goofy cuddle-monster.

Pretty Dog Sleeping In A Sunbeam
I’ve been taking her out for an hour-long walk in the mornings, and then letting her get a bunch of back-yard time in in the afternoon, and it seems to be keeping us both nice and mellow for the most part.
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