Dog of the Quite A While Actually: Arya, the Mini Husky Seizure Alert Service Dog Finally!

It has now been about three and a half weeks since I moved back into my apartment, and I have finally, just today, dug out my home laptop. (I took only my work laptop on my trip with me, and have been using nothing but it since October. It’s a lot newer than my five-year-old home laptop, but also has a lot less memory and WAAAAY less hard disk space.) And I set up my monitors, and my keyboard, and my mouse, and oohhh it feels nice to be sitting here in front of my huge desk with my ridiculously enormous monitors and all of my documents, including all of my photos from the last ten years of dog pictures and suchlike.

I’d been hesitant to set up the computer stuff because I know myself, and I know that I’m going to slow down unpacking considerably now that I have my computer to screw around on. But I decided to anyway, for two reasons. One, it got to the point where my monitors and computer and accessories were getting in the way of unpacking some of the other stuff, which was getting frustrating. And two, because of Arya.

I ran into Arya (now a 4-year old service dog with an adorable instagram page) and her mom a couple weeks ago, and got some pictures and mentioned the blog, and her mom said ‘Oh! I know about you! My husband was out with Arya in the park when she was a puppy, three and a half years ago, and you took some pictures, and I’ve been following your blog ever since, but you never posted the pictures! What gives?” And of course I couldn’t tell her, because all my pictures were on my home machine.

Well, now I’ve set up my home machine and gone trawling, and I can say that 1) Arya was always just as cute as she is now, and 2) I took almost 50 pictures of her in 2020, and she was looking at the camera in exactly two of them. Frustrating! But I’m going to post those two puppy pictures, and one other, and then a bunch of more recent pictures.

I’m not going to post any captions or hovertext, because there are too many awesome pictures and anyway I think they speak for themselves. The first two are from 2020, when she was 5 months old, and the rest are from a couple of weeks ago. You’ll probably be seeing more of her, too, because her mom and I discovered that somehow we live less than half a block from one another, but I had not seen Arya again in the last three years, and how does THAT work?

Anyway, for now, enjoy some pictures of this gorgeous gal!

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