Site News: Utterly Infuriating

I have now broken the 20 hour mark trying to get my newish Mac to do internet sharing, so that I can use the internet from my apartment. It is going to take at least another 25 or so, because I am now having to reformat it and reinstall from scratch and then rebuild everything on it instead of transferring stuff from my 10-year-old machine, which still works fine but which is no longer supported so is a security risk. And that is assuming that internet sharing works even after I completely wipe and reinstall, which is by no means guaranteed.

I got so desperate I tried setting it up on my Windows machine. That went about as well as I expected, which is to say that it disconnected from my uplink every time I tried to share the internet on the downlink.

And now the macOS install has been sitting on “2 hours and 58 minutes remaining” for a little over 20 minutes, and I have the feeling that if I go to bed, I know what I am going to see on the screen when I get up in the morning.

Is it just me, or does everything actually work less well now than it did ten years ago?

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  1. Glen Hughes says:

    All computers take me in your picture to the choir the older you got more my Mac hated me so I just retired my Mac and I switched to an HP it hates me less that’s the best I can say

  2. Glen Hughes says:

    Prove my point I’m voice texting now on a Samsung which also hates me but I was expressing that all computers hate me and you’re preaching to the choir and to prove my point of how much all artificial intelligence and computers hate me it deliberately misspells what I say so I have to spell check everything if I spell check it it’s correct but if I don’t it’ll flip it so yeah normally just don’t reply but I’m looking forward to you getting your computer up and running so I can get my 2013 or 14 pictures of my three deceased white dogs one a born blind Shepard, two wolf hybrids …Pika /Ellie/ Winter

    • Adam Lang says:

      I am feeling a little less bitter today, because when I woke up this morning my computer had actually successfully installed and was working fine. Of course, I have to reinstall all the software and copy over all the documents, but I think it might stay working this time. Fingers crossed!

      I just took a quick look and the photos I took of your pups that I didn’t post are not on my main hard drive, which means that they’re on a secondary photo drive that I moved some of my data to back when I filled up my main hard drive. Over 2.5 terabytes of dog photos… sheesh! Assuming that the drive is the one I think it is (currently sitting in a small cabinet, so not even lost, amazingly) I will try to find the time this weekend to hook it up and take a look for your photos.

  3. L LEVIN says:

    I agree, I believe it is because of the primitive nature of AI and the massive number of hackers. Al Levin

    • Adam Lang says:

      I wish that were true. But being in the software industry, I blame it on two things: one, companies no longer actually test their products before releasing them, they depend upon their customers to test them. And two, customers actually tolerate this. I mean, I don’t, I call up Apple and complain and take up their precious customer support time and post about it on web sites and so forth. And I admittedly no longer bother with calling Microsoft, but I also make sure that I spend literally no money on their software, either. (Which means acquiring Windows second-hand, but legally, and buying literally nothing else that they make.)

      But most people just shrug and accept it.

      Tesla has tried releasing cars that act like this, and people actually complain, and sue, and alert the consumer protection groups, and so forth. So why do they accept it for computers?

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