Dog of the Day: Raine the MAXI-Dachshund

I saw Raine (3, girl) the other day, and said, “My god, she’s huge!” She’s a full-sized dachshund, in a day where at least 95% of the ones I see are minis, plus she’s a long-hair (aka a foofly wiener!) Her dad said, “Yeah, I get lots of people asking if she’s a miniature golden retriever,” and I said, “Oh man, if she is, someone stole her legs!”

(I also think she looks a bit like an eight year old wearing her mom’s fur coat.)

Long-Haired Full-Sized Dachshund
Hopefully the little bit of blurriness isn’t visible in the medium-sized image. It’s what happens when I try to take dog pictures when it’s not full light outside.
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