Double Dog Day: Zoey and Filbert the Boxers

I’m dogsitting in Sacramento! I was a little ambivalent about it at first because I remembered these two as being… quite a handful, when I sat for them a few years ago. But I am happy to report that although they are still crazy after all these years, they are not in fact nearly as crazy, and aside from a little leash-tugging, which I can handle, and a whole lot of ‘accidentally’ stealing all of the covers and trying their best to shove me out of bed, which I can put up with — mostly — they are a lot easier to deal with. And a whole lot of fun, especially when I’m petting both of them and they are both wagging their entire bodies.

Large Brown Male Boxer And Small White Female Boxer
I am still working during the days, so I reeeeally don’t want to go home again when I take them out. So they are the beneficiaries of some very long walks.
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