ADOPTABLE Dog of the Day: Dr. Fred Shepherd the German Shepherd Mix

Dr. Shepherd (Doc to his friends) is 8 years old, and is quite a remarkably pleasant gentleman to be around. And he’s adoptable, from the Milo Foundation. There’s only one problem: he’s a people dog, not really a dog dog. He doesn’t hate ’em, he just isn’t entirely comfortable around them… he’ll give them a sniff and go on about his business. But when he’s in a shelter, he’s constantly surrounded by other dogs, and so he’s not at his best. It’s tough to get adopted when you’re feeling uncomfortable all the time.

Edit: I’m going to leave Doc up here for another day, just to give him a little more exposure. Quick, adopt him!

German Shepherd Mix Lying Down
The Doctor is In!
German Shepherd Mix
He’s a leaner, too. And a very calm presence. I would adopt him in a second.
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