Birthday Dog of the Day: Pico the Wire Fox Terrier

Pico is the last of the three foxy-terrierists that I ran across in the last week. He is two years old today, and boy is he excited! Also he has an instagram, Pico_the_wire. There is a painting of Pico on his instagram. It is awesome.

Tricolor Wire Fox Terrier Play Bowing
So yesterday’s pup had one ear up… and today’s has the other ear up? What were the chances?
Tricolor Wire Fox Terrier Barking
He was pretty excited. Super-friendly.
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2 Responses to Birthday Dog of the Day: Pico the Wire Fox Terrier

  1. Pico parents says:

    Thank you for featuring Pico on his birthday! 🙂 These pictures are great lolll it was such a pleasure meeting you and seeing all the pups around the city on the blog.

    • Adam Lang says:

      Make sure to give Pico some scratches for me! Also I think in the second picture he is hinting that a hot dog would fit very nicely in his mouth.

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