Dog of the Day: Luna the Basenji

Unnnghh it has been a rough week. I am ‘on call’ from two days ago until next Wednesday. Normally ‘on call’ means that you deal with all the little emergencies that pop up every day, and in between them you get some work done. I haven’t been awakened by my on-call shift for close to a year! This week, starting Tuesday (which I wasn’t even technically working!) but really starting on Wednesday (which was technically a holiday for us, Juneteenth!), it has been dealing with all the BIG emergencies that popped up every day, and somehow having to try to make time in between them for all the LITTLE emergencies. And being awakened at 2 AM once and at 6 AM once, and the shift isn’t even half over yet.

But! I am trying a new medication and it seems to actually be helping me with my sleep, at least to a certain extent. So I was not as behind on sleep to begin with, and I seem to be dealing with the emergencies better than I would have any time in the last year or so. So that’s nice!

In other news, ‘Have a basenji!’ Well, no, you can’t have Luna (3). She is already had, and quite happily. But you might be able to borrow her for a minute or two if you promise to scratch behind her ears.

Basenji Sitting Very Politely
A basenji-blogger used to hang around on my site sometimes, a while back. Wonder what ever happened to her?
Basenji Licking Her Nose
I have literally never heard a basenji make a noise. I understand it’s pretty distinctive.
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