Dog of the Day: Boss the North American Black Bear Cub… (uh, I mean Schipperke)

Oh my god everybody run it’s a bear!


Yes, the North American Black Bear is often seen grazing on the green expanses of lawn in San Francisco.


Wait... that's no bear! That's our site's first-ever schipperke.


A playful pup, too. I knew a couple schipperkes back in Pennsylvania... they climb counters/furniture/bookcases almost as well as cats, and they can jump like nobody's business.


Shadows. Grr. I thought San Francisco was supposed to be moist and dark all the time! (No, I'm joking, God, please don't turn off the sunshine.)


Here's how the conversation went. "You're kind of in his light." "Oh, am I? Sorry!" She takes two steps to the side. Immediately he takes two steps to the side and plants himself in her shadow again. Bah.


Ah well. Life hands me a lot of shadows, but some of them contain dog grins.

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8 Responses to Dog of the Day: Boss the North American Black Bear Cub… (uh, I mean Schipperke)

  1. Paul Adams says:

    We adopted BOSS when his owner had to give him up. He now goes by the name of BLINK (cause he is so fast). I am a charter boat captain, so he gets to spend most of his time on a boat. I found your blog and pictures after getting his micro chip registered to me. He has a great home and life, so if you keep contact info on his orginal owner, please let her know he is well cared for and much loved.

    Captain Paul Adams

    • Adam Lang says:

      That’s awesome! How lucky does a Schipperke have to be to be rescued by the captain of a charter sailboat?

      Unfortunately, I don’t have any contact info for his former family, but if I hear anything from them, I’ll definitely let them know. And who knows, I may just charter a trip on the bay, and take some pictures of the seals, sea lions, and schipperkes!

      • Paul Adams says:

        Blink is adapting to his life on the water quite well. Yesterday, I sailed with a couple from Dallas that wanted to take him home!

        Let me know when you want to go out sailing and you’ll get a discount for taking some pictures of Blink in action!

        • Adam Lang says:

          I will totally take you up on that.

          • Capt Paul Adams says:

            Adam, Blink, formerly known as Boss above, has a new home in Birch Bay, Washington and a new-step sister Schipperke, Dream.

            I continue to tell your story and share this post !

            Thanks again and the boat ride offer still stands!

          • Adam Lang says:

            Wow, awesome! I have a friend living up that way (though a bit inland) that I might well be out to visit later this year, so I might well take you up on that!

  2. Paul Adams says:

    Sadly we lost Blink (formerly BOSS) this Spring. Seeing these photos of him as a young puppy is bittersweet. But as the years pass I hope to remember only good times with this sweet Schipperke. My sailing buddy (and best friend) for 10 years.

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