Dog of the Day: MinPin? Australian Kelpie?

I’m not sure if this guy is a Miniature Pinscher or an Australian Kelpie.  Whatever he is, he’s a real cutie, and was really affectionate, though kind of hyper.  I never even knew MinPins existed until I met him.  (Another pic after the break.)

Incidentally, sorry about the couple of days without posts; I was trying to get to bed early and forgot to post.  I’d like to get a queue up, so that if I forget for one day it’ll automatically post, but that’ll require time to pre-post a bunch of stuff.  Soon, I promise.

Whatever he is, this guy was having a blast playing frisbee

Whatever he is, this guy was having a blast playing frisbee

Houston, we have liftoff...

Houston, we have liftoff...

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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: MinPin? Australian Kelpie?

  1. Albina says:

    hello there!

    I have exactly the same looking dog for 5 months now.
    He was found on the street in the collar, but the search of the owner didn’t lead us to any result. So I’ve adopted this guy.

    I was pretty sure he’s no breed when randomly found an article about Australian kelpie. Those dogs are not popular in Ukraine (it’s where I live now) so I have never heard of them before.
    I started to compare, and now I am extremely confused, cuz all physical features are the same. Well, the exception is the tale, my dude has it kinda bit more curved than dogs on the internet.
    Have you found out what breed is your cutie, if any?
    Let me know please, I’m curious.

    • Adam Lang says:

      I don’t know what he is for sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this were a kelpie. They aren’t common in San Francisco but they’re not rare. And there aren’t a lot of things that look like them.

      Are there any pictures of your pup online? If so, post some links here and I’ll take a look and see what I think!

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