Dog of the Day: Young Great Dane

A couple of weeks ago, I had a ‘big dog day’. Not intentionally: I just happened to run into two St. Bernards and two Great Danes (entirely separately!) in the course of a 2 mile walk and some shopping.

Well, I have to share the luck. So here’s a sadly-sun-washed-out young awesome Great Dane tied up outside of Real Foods on Polk Street. He was barking as I walked up, and damn does he have a loud bark. But when I got near him he stopped. And then when I finished taking his picture and giving him the obligatory dog toll backscratch and walked away, he resumed barking. ROWF! ROWF!

Great Dane

Great Danes: goofy dogs? Or the goofiest dogs?

Great Dane

Behind him is 'Bow Wow Meow', an awesome little pet store and dog groomer's. If I were to start taking ads, I'd totally hit them up.

Great Dane

Do the eyes look even vaguely natural? I had to touch them up a bit.

Great Dane

That one's not touched up at all. 100% all natural goof.

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