Dog of the Day: Chance the… Dingo Mix? Lab Mix?

The people walking Chance were happy to let me take some pictures, but they weren’t sure what he was any more than I was. He looks like he could be a Lab mix, but I’ve never seen a lab mix with Lab fur, but with ears that were 100% up. They said they thought he might be a dingo mix, and I have to say, he looks a surprising amount like a dingo. (Our only other dingo mix was mixed with Lab, so his ears were half-up.)

Anyway, he’s 4 years old and loves everyone, including babies.

Dingo Mix

Funny, the other dingo mix I took pictures of was standing on one of those yellow knobbly things too.

Dingo Mix

I have rarely run across a dog who looked as glad to see me as Chance, and yet did not leap up on me and try to lick any exposed portion of my anatomy.

Dingo Mix

Very lab-like coat, except for the white splotches on his chest, neck, and feet.

Dingo Mix

"Mom's Best Friend"

Dingo Mix

I can't get over this guy's expressions. So happy.


Dingo Mix

...and soooo goofy.

Dingo Mix

Oop, someone has an itch. World must stop.

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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: Chance the… Dingo Mix? Lab Mix?

  1. Molly says:

    I love this dog and the girl with him…she’s so hot!

  2. David Nostro says:

    Man that dog looks awesome! Badass….and he looks super happy!

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