Dog of the Day: Dingo/Lab Mix!

I didn’t realize there were lots of dingoes running around loose on the streets of San Francisco, but apparently it’s more common than you think.  Or, well, than I think, anyway.

This one is a particularly awesome one, too… friendly as all get-out and happy as can be.  Her name is ‘Ginger’, and she can apparently often be found in the mornings helping Robert V. Doerr, Jr, accordionist, entertain passengers at the Van Ness Civic Center Muni Station.  (Corrected… sorry, Robert!)

And another edit: Ginger has her own Facebook page! Tres chic! And Mr Doerr, Jr has a YouTube Channel and Facebook page too.

Aw, come on.  No, I didn't eat your baby.

Aw, come on. No, I didn't eat your baby. That's not even funny.

More pictures below the break.

Babies are gross, anyway.  Bleh!

Babies are gross, anyway. Bleh!

I might lick it a little bit though!

I might lick it a little bit though!

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  1. Correction. Ginger & I Perform at Civic Center BART Station, Not Van Ness

  2. JEFF MURPHY says:

    Ive kicked around the idea of finding out the breed of my three year old dog Izzy for quite some time now. Friends and strangers alike have said she appears to be a mix between dingo and pit bull. Finally on a lazy Sunday afternoon I surcame to my curiosity and entered “Dingo Pit Bull mix” in to the search browser at
    As I scrolled through the images, my jaw dropped when i came across Gingers photo. An exact replica of Izzy in every way. Particularly the way she sits. I would love some info on Ginger if at all possible. What a pretty girl,.. look forward to perhaps hearing from you,..

    Thank you ,

    Jeff Murphy, mesa arizona

  3. stephanie says:

    I used to have a dog named Sandi who I was told was a lab/dingo mix. She was with me for 7 years and was by far the smartest, best, and kindest dog I’ve ever had. I recently had to euthanize her because of a cancerous tumor growing in 3 spots on her body. I’ll never forget her. It;s been almost 2 years and I think about her every day. I was scrooling through pictures and came across Ginger. She looks exactly like my Sandi! She must be a great dog!!! ”you’ve brought so many fun memories back to me. Don’t believe anything you hear about the breed. They are wonderful dogs.

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  5. Shelly Marmillion says:

    We live in Baton Rouge, LA & recently rescued a 4 week old puppy from a local rescue organization after our 3 y/o beloved Great Dane was euthanized due to metastatic inoperable lymphoma. Needless to say, we were devastated. We also own a 6 y/o Boston Terrier as well as a 5 y/o Boxer; I have to say that our Dingo/Lab mix is incredible!!! He’s been great w/ our children (9 & 5 y/o) and has been soooo easily trained. I terribly mourned the loss of my precious Dane, and our rescued Dingo mix is by no means a “replacement”, but he’s certainly been an easily-trained, family-oriented, addition to our family….and quite possibly the most intelligent dog we’ve owned .

    • Shelly Marmillion says:

      Just in case I was not clear, the puppy we rescued is a Lab/ Dingo mix. He’s absolutely the most intelligent of the 3 breeds we’ve owned…

  6. Jared says:

    Hi I have a question. I came across a female 8 week old Australian Dingo/Golden lab mix. The mother of the pup is the Dingo, and the father the Lab. My question is, is this a good dog to have? If not why? Also about what weight will she be at as a full adult with the proper diet and exercise, could it be possible to keep her under 50 pounds? Thanks

    • Adam Lang says:

      Well, I’m definitely not an expert, but I have not heard nearly as many bad things about dingo crosses as I have about (for example) wolf crosses. And the dingo crosses (three or four) that I’ve actually met have been nothing but sweethearts.

      As for size… that’s a tough question. Dingos vary between about 30 and 50 pounds (but this is in the wild, where sufficient food is not always available), and female labs tend to be 55 to 70 pounds. Assuming this dog isn’t being starved as a puppy, I’d say chances are that she’ll end up at least in the area of 45 to 50 lbs, and I definitely wouldn’t bet on her staying below 50.

      Ginger here is medium-small Lab size, maybe 55-60 pounds if she were in perfect shape. (I think she was a little chubby, but only by a few pounds, nothing serious.)

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  8. Taylor Brown says:

    I have lab dingo mix and she is cute as can be her eyes match her golden coat, but she’s getting old and won’t jump up and force you to hold her by her arms. Lol her name is Chloe and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. PS she gives head hugs and goes nuts and shakes and tries to lick my mom’s face off if my mom looks at her in the eye. Lol 😍😀

  9. Anomynous says:

    I suspect my dog may be a dingo lab mix. When we adopted her from a shelter, they told is she was a lab husky mix, but she looks much more similar to the dingos. Her fur is a big mix of orange, black, and yellow. Some of her “toes” and claws are white, while the rest match her fur and have black claws. Her ears are very odd. They prick up about a third of the way before flapping down like those of a lab. They have a more dark coloring. She has long, muscular legs. The scruff of her neck has much more fur than the rest of her. She has always had a very distinct black stripe near where her tail meats the body. She is three, and over the years this black stripe has spread down to the end of her tail. Her fur is less orange than the dog in your pictures, as she has the black fur added in. Could this be because of her lab traits, as black labs are the most common? She used to be a show dog, and was constantly being recognised for her amazing posture and showmanship. But now for the odd part…. Her eyes are different colors. We believe this is why they said she was half husky. One of her eyes is crystally blue, while the other is a normal brown color. She is muscular and lean, but she is such a big dog overall that she is about 60-70 pounds. The vet has always complimented her size and weight. Another odd fact about her is that she has epilepsy. It was quite a shock for us for our young, healthy dog to be diagnosed with this. Are any of these things common in the cross breed? Thanks!

    • Adam Lang says:

      Very few Labs have mixed-color fur (and the ones that do almost always just have a white spot known as a ‘medallion’ on their chests), and dingoes never have dark-colored fur. It’s absolutely possible that you have a dingo mix there, but if so it’s probably not with a Lab.

      On the other hand, a husky/Lab mix could look like a dingo too, and the heterochromia (different colored eyes) and the dark stripe sound like it could be that. And one of the breeds most frequently diagnosed with epilepsy is the Labrador retriever.

      Check out a few of these husky/Lab mixes (sometimes with other things mixed in) from my blog and see if any of them look like your pup. Also, are there any pictures of your pup online? If so, please do post a link in a comment here!

      • Anomynous says:

        That’s just the problem: online pictures look nothing like her. I had considered a more dominantly black furred dog could be her parent but it would probably be about the size of a lab. I have also had the idea that she is a mix between a husky and a dingo. I noticed that when her mouth is open it looks exactly like the picture, and their faces look exactly the same (referring to Ginger). I guess it will remain a mystery, for now; it doesn’t matter though, I love my dog herself much more than I care about what breed she is.

    • Adam Lang says:

      Oh, forgot to mention: a cross of a solid-color (or close, like the dingo) with another solid-color (like the lab, say) almost never results in a dog with markings. It can very rarely due to two dogs having the same recessive gene, but it’s definitely not the way to bet.

      Also, which sort of ears does your pup have?

      • Anomynous says:

        Oh and also, her ears are an exact replica of the picture. So is the shape of her face and places where whiskers are.

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