Dog of the Day: Polo the Pomeranian

Polo is twelve years old. And just as ridiculously cute as he was when he was twelve weeks old.


I am convinced that half of the charm of a Pomeranian is that they always LOOK happy.


And I think the other half is that they always ARE happy.


It also helps that they bear a distinct resemblance to both red pandas and foxes.


A line from a dog-related song autumn's writing suggests itself: '...her tongue was as pink as the ham...'


Softest fur ever.

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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: Polo the Pomeranian

  1. M.C. says:

    Oh man, POOF CITY.

    I think Poms are the only toy dogs that I will admit to liking. My aunt in Taiwan had one. Just melted on your lap like Tare Panda.

    • Adam Lang says:

      Autumn and I are sort of in the same boat. We both love the personality of pugs, and their appearance sparks rather a lot of pity from us (you poor thing, it’s so awful what humanity has done to you) but I don’t think we’d want one.

      Then again, I admit to a certain amount of fascination for Chinese Cresteds after I met Mr. White (the one that I posted on here a while back). He was just so friendly, and yet had a lot of the attitude of a husky (‘I’m awesome and I know it!’), so that it came out in him as ‘I’m awesome and so are you! How ’bout we be awesome together?’ If they’re all like that, I could get used to the hairless thing. 🙂

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