Sea Dogs of Autumn’s Birthday: Pier 39 Sea Lions

In celebration of Autumn’s birthday, something unusual for today. (Plus I just love these guys because they’re awesome.)

Sea Lions

So cuddly! What I don't understand is how they can sleep with all that grunting and snoring going on.

Sea Lions

A rare view of marine mammals making use of the 'axis of snorgulation', also known (on Cute Overload) as the 'axis of snorgling'. (Go look it up. We'll wait.)

Sea Lions

Aww, I got a smile!

Sea Lions

The one on the right... That must be some kind of new seal-yoga pose.

Sea Lions

The whiskers are just amazing.

Sea Lions

I swear, it's just like something out of a Disney animated musical. Except in this case the words to the song were "BLOOOOOORP!"


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One Response to Sea Dogs of Autumn’s Birthday: Pier 39 Sea Lions

  1. M.C. says:

    They are such strange, fascinating, and incredibly flexible creatures (that neck!).

    Happy birthday to Autumn!

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