Dog of the Day: MJ the Pit Bull Puppy

MJ was about four and a half months old when this picture was taken, which (coincidentally enough) was on September 11th. I’ve seen a spotty puppy belly before… but spotty puppy LIPS? So ridiculous!

Pit Bull Puppy

Met this pup at a chocolate festival. HUGE number of people. No wonder she looks a little overwhelmed.

Pit Bull Puppy

How could anyone resist a puppy like that?

Pit Bull Puppy

See? Spotty lips! (Also, doesn't she totally look like a Boston terrier in this picture?)

Pit Bull Puppy

I think someone would have been delighted to lick the camera if not reined in.

Pit Bull Puppy

I like the kid in the background, who is clearly delighted to be at a chocolate festival.


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One Response to Dog of the Day: MJ the Pit Bull Puppy

  1. M.C. says:

    Natural lipstick!
    And curses, why didn’t I know there was a chocolate festival going on?!

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