Double Dog Day: Hailey and Hana the Havaneses

Hailey is the one that’s almost completely black, and the other is Hana. These are our first full Havanese pups, too. Woohoo, another breed!

In other news: if you’re looking for something to get an animal-loving friend, check out this calendar, which you can get in return for making a donation to The Friends of Oakland Animal Services. The group helps to make Oakland’s animal shelters responsible and humane. And, as I can personally attest, the calendar quite adorable, and full of stories about shelter animals.

Havanese Dog

I always thought it was spelled 'Javanese'. Just another example of Adam making things more complicated than they really are.

Havanese Dog

They're super-scruffy. I wonder what the (probably ridiculous) breed standard haircut is for Havaneses?

Havanese Dog

How has it literally never occurred to me until now exactly why people put topknots on dogs like this?

Havanese Dog

That shock of white fur really does look a lot like a beard and mustache, doesn't it?

Hailey (black feet) Hana (white ft) Javanese

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