Triple Dog Day: Walker, Munsen, and Bruno the Bulldogs

I haven’t posted a triple dog day in forever! Walker (6 months old, in brown), Munsen (11 months, in tan), and Bruno (2 years, in white) are all good friends, although Bruno is a visitor. The three of them were chilling outside of The Bell Tower on Polk Street, source of many good pictures (such as these.)

Walker and Munsen have their own Facebook page.


Most people keep the dogs *under* the tables.


Bruno knows how to give a high-five even remotely.


Hi-five close-up!


Bulldogs do tend to be patient, but watching these three just happily perch in chairs for the duration of the meal was awesome.


If there's a dog breed that's better at looking ridiculously sad than the bulldog, it's not by much.

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