Dog of the Day: Argos the Kerry Blue Terrier

Argos is named for Odysseus’s dog in the Odyssey, the one that was the first to greet (and recognize) Odysseus when he finally returned home. What an awesome dog name! (Although Autumn maintains that, as an Irish dog, he should have been given an Irish name, like Bran or Sceolang, the dogs of Finn Mac Cool. But who the heck can pronounce Sceolang?)

Argos is 10, and still going strong. And congratulations to him, for being DoSF’s first Kerry blue!

Kerry Blue Terrier

I've never even seen a Kerry blue before. They're pretty! And huge, for a wire-haired terrier type.

Kerry Blue Terrier

Kerry blues apparently were originally hunters of small game, but eventually became herding and guard dogs as well. Versatile!

Kerry Blue Terrier

There's a distinct resemblance to a giant schnauzer.

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  1. annoyedwabbit says:

    Sceolang is pronounced shkee-ol-an, with the ‘ol’ the same as in ‘old’. My Irish cousins had a sweet longhaired border collie by that name. 🙂

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