Dog of the Day: Border Collie

Because we haven’t seen one in a while.

An anecdote I ran into on reddit recently (here):

Yeah, my border collie totally gets that I control the car. On days when I come home without the kid, she gets concerned and tries to herd me back out to the car like, “Okay, you forgot the kid somewhere. No big deal, we’ll find out where if we go look for him. You drive, I’ll sniff.”

She paces and looks worried until I tell her it’s time to go to school to pick up the kid, then she gets all excited and relieved-looking.

Border Collie

I was at a dog park after dark the other day, and I spent a good two minutes 'dancing' with a border collie. I'd jump right, and he'd jump over in front of me. We never touched each other, just mirrored each other's movements. It was fun.

Border Collie

What's black and white and well-bred all over?

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