Roll of 28(+1) Day 6: Chuck the Chuck

Something intentionally non-dog-related today. This must be one of the signs of the apocalypse. Fire, floods, famine, cats and dogs living together, and Whole Foods advertising $2 wine.

If you’re not familiar, the ‘Chuck’ they’re referring to is the famous Trader Joe’s ‘Two-Buck Chuck’, a wine with a very… distinctive flavor. Which is to say, it tastes a lot like someone took a very, very young wine (and I know nothing about wine, so when I say it’s young, you know it must taste like paint thinner) and diluted it with water. I must admit, I’m quite curious to see what Whole Foods has to compete with it. I’ll pick some up on the way home tomorrow or the next day and we’ll see what it’s like.

Chuck the Chuck

That's quite a ... violent looking emblem you guys have there.

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