Double Dog Day: Boo-Boo the German Shepherd and… (I forget!) the Malamute

Ran into these guys just out in front of my apartment building, in deep discussion with one of my neighbors. And of course, busybody that I am, I had to butt in and take some pictures. Hope I wasn’t too terribly annoying.

And of course we got the names of the two pups, but I didn’t record them fast enough and both Autumn and I forgot the malamute’s name. So pretty!

Alaskan Malamute

This is a 'please give me more attention I love attention' behavior. I can certify that it is effective.

German Shepherd

On the other hand, this is a 'I'm not so sure about you please don't get too near me' expression. It didn't work: mom had to warn me away.


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