Dog of the Day: Bubbles the Stratfordshire/Bulldog/Boxer Mix?

My notes are a little unclear on the breed mix, but they were very definite on the fact that Bubbles loves everyone, and doesn’t much like the muzzle. (Required when riding on Muni, sadly.) I ran into her a couple weeks ago, when I took this picture, and then again just today. Sadly, all the rest of the pictures I took didn’t come out, because of the poor lightning.

Bulldog/Boxer/American Staffordshire Mix

How can you resist those eyes? She kept trying to get people to take off her muzzle, or (failing that) give her a treat, or a skritch.

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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: Bubbles the Stratfordshire/Bulldog/Boxer Mix?

  1. Lisa Knapp says:

    Hi Adam…I love her muzzle! Do you remember where you got it from? I can’t find any like that and I need one for my rescue boxer/bulldog. Thanks!

    • Adam Lang says:

      She’s not my dog (I don’t have one, alas) and I’ve never seen one quite like it before. I’ve seen these in person and they don’t look too uncomfortable. I’ve also seen one of these but I don’t know how well they work.

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