Caturday Supplement: YAMWK!

(That’s ‘Yet Another Macy’s Window Kitty!)

Kitty in a Window

I tended to get to the windows after dark, when all the kitties were tuckered out. This one was the exception.

Kitty in a Window

That looks like a map of an archipelago. Perhaps this is a treasure map kitty!

Kitty in a Window

Someone isn't getting enough cuddles. Poor kitty. Hope she got adopted.

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2 Responses to Caturday Supplement: YAMWK!

  1. M.C. says:

    Quick question, cuz I think I missed the post where you introduced the Caturday supplement. Are the Macy’s window kitties available year-round? A friend of a friend is interested in adopting a kitty, and they work/live in the city. In no rush to adopt a kitty. But I could point them in this direction if the displays are still around…

    • Adam Lang says:

      Sadly, the Macy’s window kitties are only in the windows from Thanksgiving weekend through the weekend after New Year’s Day. (I think… might just be through January 2nd.)

      These guys do periodic kitten adoption fairs, though:
      And of course there is the SPCA, which has a gorgeous facility, and the SF pound which is right next door.

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