Dog of the Day: Pug Mix

I snatched a few pictures of this guy on my way somewhere. I was having some serious camera trouble, and I didn’t think anything I got was worth posting, so I didn’t even bother to ask the pup’s name and breed, although I did give him a good belly rub. And then the four pictures I took ALL turned out adorable. Oh well, there are worse ways to be surprised, I guess.

Pug Mix

He's definitely got the 'concerned pug' forehead wrinkle thing going.

Pug Mix

Aww. Teensy tongue. Plus you can see that he has a real muzzle. If I had to guess, I'd say Chihuahua/pug mix, but a lot cuter than most Chihuahua/pugs I've met.

Pug Mix

Oh good lord. Penalty ten yards for excessive cuteness.

Pug Mix

He's also got the pug attitude. "Hi up there! Why aren't you down here petting me?"


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  1. senya parker says:

    how old is he? he looks like a puppy

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