Dog of the Day: Rescued Taiwan Street Dog

Autumn and I ran into a few dogs when we were out hiking last Sunday in an area known as ‘Little Yosemite’ (the day after my birthday!) One was a gorgeous border collie, one was another cute mix, but the most striking of them all was this one, who was rescued from the streets of Taiwan.

It’s a shame I forgot to record this guy’s name, because it means mom and dad will be less likely to run across the pictures, which came out gorgeously, of a gorgeous dog!

The funny thing is, I saw the pup and took some pictures, and he ran up to me and sniffed at me and let me pet him. Then he took off and wandered around some, with me taking pictures, and then walked by me, not pausing this time to let me pet him. And the mom and dad said, “Oh, he’s really skittish, he won’t let you pet him, oh, look, he’s being all friendly to her!” as the pup walked right up to Autumn. And I thought, ‘you just watched him walk right up to me like 2 minutes ago. Did you just forget about that instantly after it happened?’ Kind of funny.

Adopted Taiwanese Street Dog

I am an absolute sucker for that coloration. I don't even know what it's called, besides 'mottled'

Adopted Taiwanese Street Dog

The head-tilt happy-face also gets me every time.

Adopted Taiwanese Street Dog

That's the proud mom and dad, of course.

Adopted Taiwanese Street Dog

Immediately after this picture is where I paused to pet the dog. Hence the significant change of background thereafter.

Adopted Taiwanese Street Dog

Quite unlike my usual pictures' backgrounds of random cars, brick walls, and the legs of passing people.

Adopted Taiwanese Street Dog

Caught him mid-leap.

Adopted Taiwanese Street Dog

Man, if all Taiwanese street dogs looked this pretty, people would be lining up to take one home.

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12 Responses to Dog of the Day: Rescued Taiwan Street Dog

  1. M.C. says:

    Awww. I approve! =)

    Lots of variation in the TW street dogs since they’re created from unknown mixes of household pets that people don’t spay/neuter and dump or conveniently “lose” (and don’t bother hunting down). But somehow, they usually end up being nice, compact dogs with rather interesting behaviors (in rural areas, it’s still common to find dogs that have survived a few generations of street life before they’re caught).

    There’s supposed to be another Northern California Formosan dog meetup soon. I’ll keep an eye out just in case this one is in attendance. 😉

    • Adam Lang says:

      That would be awesome. If you do see them, please do tell them I’ve posted their pup. Hopefully they can find this page and let me know his name! (Her name? Autumn remembers it being a boy, but I just plain don’t remember.)

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  3. Linnette says:

    I got my dog from Taiwan from an organization called TUAPA. My dog looks like this dog. We live in San Diego. I just happen to see this when checking out Formosa dogs.

  4. Nicole says:

    We have had the pleasure of rescuing and rehoming 11 Taiwanese street dogs during the 10 years we lived in central Taiwan. 4 of these were Formosans that we found on the roadside at just 3 days old. They are beautiful dogs, with awesome personalities. 3 have been adopted out and the one we kept with us just turned 2, and I’m so glad she stayed with us.
    I had some dealings with TUAPA over the years, and I recommend them to anyone looking for a sweet, well-deserving dog to welcome into their hearts. Taiwanese dogs are the best! I’m off to take our 3 for their daily stroll.

  5. Li says:

    Anyone know what breed this dog is? Probably one of the coolest looking dogs I’ve ever seen.

    • Adam Lang says:

      Isn’t he beautiful? Taiwanese street dogs tend to just be sort of random genetically. If I had to guess, though, I’d say there might be some collie in there.

  6. Cheryl says:

    Wow I just found your website whilst doing a google image search of my rescue dog in Bali. She looks exactly like this! I will send you some pics!

    • Adam Lang says:

      I’d love to see them. That is just one absolutely beautiful dog. There are certain ones I still remember running into, and that was one of them, even though it’s literally been ten years now.

      • Cheryl says:

        I sent them to you on Twitter a few days ago as couldn’t find an email contact for you to email them to you directly or a way to upload attachments on your form.

        • Adam Lang says:

          Thanks, I’ll check ’em out! Usually I suggest people upload their pictures to a photo sharing site (like and then post links here, because when I had an upload form that was open to the public, people seemed to like uploading porn. Gigabytes and gigabytes of porn.

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