Dog of the Day: Heartbreaking Shar Pei

I somehow missed getting this guy’s name, because I was too busy feeling sorry for him, and guilty on behalf of the human race. He’s a shar pei, a breed that is well known for eye trouble, and he’s absolutely blind, despite being only a couple of years old. We really have messed around with these wolves an awful lot, haven’t we?

Blind Shar Pei

Surprisingly non-saggy for a shar pei. I think, though, that's due to surgery.

Blind Shar Pei

He handles himself just fine, and he's a total sweetheart.

Blind Shar Pei

He certainly has the 'noble companion' pose down pat.

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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: Heartbreaking Shar Pei

  1. M.C. says:

    I think his lack of wrinkles is perfectly fine, actually. But no eyes? Sad indeed… even if he’s with owners who obviously love him and even if he’s adapted well. Dogs truly are resilient creatures.

    Was he born without eyes, or did they have to be removed?

    Shar-peis seem to be prone to eye problems.

    • Adam Lang says:

      He wasn’t born without eyes, from what I recall. Shar peis become blind by entropion, apparently: the rolling in of the eyelids, which cause corneal scarring and damage. Apparently it’s correctable if you catch it very early and are willing to spend the money.

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