Dog of the Day: Kukur the Lion-Cut Whatchamaterrier

There’s clearly something wrong here: Kukur is Nepalese for ‘dog’, but this guy looks like a lion! But I asked his mom, and it turns out she calls him a 4-year-old ‘whatchamaterrier’, which I more or less endorse. (Seriously… I don’t have a clue.)

(Heeeeyyy… This might be a good time to mention my photography contest, huh?)

Terrier Mix

The lion cut is for his comfort: he faces the heat a lot better in it, apparently.

Unknown Terrier Mix

Yes, that's a leaf hanging from his mouth. Guess he just likes leaves.

Unknown Terrier Mix

Teeny little peeking tongue.

Unknown Terrier Mix

The first step is admitting you have a leaf problem...

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