Dog of the Day: Happy Birthday Diggity!

I was wandering around on Monday (Memorial Day), when I ran into this guy, all spruced up! Despite the fact that I hadn’t seen him for quite a while, I immediately recognized him as a repeat customer: Diggity, the American bulldog/bullmastiff mix. Better yet, it turns out it was his 11th birthday (that plus Memorial Day explain the bow tie) and he was enjoying every minute of it.

Happy birthday, Diggity!

(Also, thank you to the people who have submitted photos for my photo contest so far! But this doesn’t let those of you who haven’t off the hook. Get to work!)

Bull Mastiff/American Bulldog Mix

Happy face! Someone's having a good birthday.

American Bulldog/Bull Mastiff Mix

Wonder if he got any birthday cake?

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