Dog of the Day: Wheely Wiener!

I didn’t catch this pup’s name, but she was having a grand old time running around in circles near the Jewish History Museum. Fortunately she was willing to stop for a little while to give me a smooch.

Dachshund with wheels.

It's the foofly wienermobile! Somebody had a slipped disc which caused other problems, poor pup.

Dachshund with wheels

Fortunately she doesn't seem to let it slow her down.

Dachshund With Wheels

I wonder how many miles per gallon she gets?

Dachshund With Wheels

Definitely not one of the shyer miniature dachshunds I've met.

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3 Responses to Dog of the Day: Wheely Wiener!

  1. lidia says:

    this adorable dog name is Sugar Brown , the pawparent is Sam . šŸ™‚

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