Site News: Uh… Whoops

So, I seem to have gone over-quota on my hosting account last month. To the tune of rather a significant sum of money.

To be honest, I never expected to stick with this long enough to amass 5 gigs of pictures on my hard drive, let alone actually post a full 5 gigs. And lo and behold, I have about 180 gigs of dog pictures on my hard drive, and 5 gigs of pictures on my hosting account. (And a gig of other files.)

So. I do not want to repeat that bill, so I have trimmed down a bunch of stuff and will be trimming more over the next day or two, and will resume posting once I’ve got it down below my quota again. And at that point I’ll also be figuring out how to solve the problem over the long term.

So. Brief hiatus! Sorry.

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