Dog of the Day: More Boston Terrier

Still deciding what to do. The Macintosh resale market is really weird.

In the mean time, here’s that Boston terrier again. Incidentally, only three more days until the photography contest ends! Hurry up and submit!

Boston Terrier

If you see a white floating something-or-other above the dog’s head, that’s a dog-nose-print that was on my lens for around three days. Hazard of the profession.

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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: More Boston Terrier

  1. Rachel says:

    Really wish i could figure out how to post my dogs picture in the contest but i do not have a computer just my smart phone! 🙁 you would love her iam sure!

    • Adam Lang says:

      Sure, you can enter with a smartphone!

      All you need to do is email me a couple of pictures. The address is alang at dogs of sf dot com. (You know. All shoved together.)

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