Site News: And The Winner Is…

(Link to the contest is here.)

This was an interesting contest… it looks like Chico the Pit mix and Penny the Beagle/Corgi may have come equipped with their own fan clubs. (And rightly so… they’re both adorable.) Chico took a commanding lead in the 20s within the first two days of the contest, followed by Penny at 16, almost as fast. Everybody else (after a last-minute surge by Devo) came in at between 5 and 7 votes. Honestly, I think this is more to do with the competitors just giving people too many awesome choices; I could have voted for any of the pictures in this contest with no hesitation, and the votes just got spread out amongst all the options.

Thank you everybody for your submissions. I will be contacting the winners of each group over the next two weeks to get your t-shirt information. And as for the bandanas… well, that might take a little longer (we haven’t had them printed up yet!) but once I do have them, I’m going to send one to everyone who participated. (Well, unless you don’t want one, of course!) Thanks, this has been a lot of fun for me.

ALSO! (And I will repeat this tomorrow, this time at the top of the post.) I have another doggie-event to report: there will be a Wags-and-Wine event, run by ‘’, at the Wags pet hotel near 14th and Folsom (Rainbow Foods, Best Buy, ASPCA, etc), this Friday from 5 PM to 7 PM. Early registration is $20 at the above link, but since we’re so close to the date, if you mention my blog at the door, you pay $20 at the door, instead of the normal $40.

Your dog is invited too. There’ll be snacks for both of you, but the wine (several different wineries, over 20 boutique wines) is just for the humans. Not to worry, though: there’ll be doggie bags, and a dog photographer to take pictures of you and your pooch together.

I’ll be there. Hope to see some of you there too!

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