Dogs of SF Contest: Finally, Dogs!

Edit 5: And the winner is… listed at the bottom!

Edit 4: Sounds like Ceili is doing okay. I’m guessing, based on only a little sketchy information, that the surgery went all right and she’s recovering at home. I’m sure she appreciates all the happy thoughts, as do I!

Edit 3: Autumn’s family dog (Ceili) is in emergency surgery! OMG! The prognosis is tentatively good, but nothing is certain. Please send good thoughts her way.

Edit 2: New daily posts are happening below this post, as with the last two weeks, so that more people will see and vote. Scroll down for the dog of the day.

Edit 1: Argh argh argh. I categorized one of the dogs picture under the category ‘Dgos’. Which means I didn’t post it at first. Fortunately the person who submitted the picture was actually paying attention and set me straight! I did a quick check and didn’t see anything else like that, but if you submitted a dog picture  (or more) and don’t see one of yours here, and you haven’t won in some other category, please drop me a note and let me know.

First off, congratulations to both Lucca and Lady Jane: the two tied for first, with 29 votes apiece! Looks like I’m going to be giving out more t-shirts than I originally thought. Not to mention Kaylee and Elly, who got 28 votes, after starting out the weekend at half that! I’m not sure but that the two of them wouldn’t have pulled out in front if the contest had lasted a few more hours.

Second off, the dogs contest voting begins today. I tried to get three separate people to judge the semi-finals of this one, and they all said ‘no’. (Well, two said ‘no’ and one just didn’t answer at all. I would have cadged Autumn into it except she hasn’t been available.) And more than one of the people submitting entries are friends, and I just don’t feel like trying to figure out how to be impartial, so here’s what I’m doing: I’m limiting finalists to one ‘dog’ entry per person (using my best judgement in the case of people who entered two dog pictures.) And I’m leaving out anyone who already won. This narrows things down to seven choices, and I’m just going to hand that off to you guys.

So, here are the entries. Pick the one of these seven you like the best!

Beagle-Corgi Mix

ENTRY 1: Penny the Beagle/Corgi Mix, Ecstatic for Memorial Day on Huntington Dog Beach

Violet the Schipperke/Pomeranian

ENTRY 2: Violet the Schipperke/Pomeranian in her Glamor Shot

Bowpi the Basenji and a Chihuahua Mix

ENTRY 3: Bowpi the Basenji Doing the Hula with a Confused Chihuahua Mix

Two Basset Hounds

ENTRY 4: Elvis and Priscilla the Basset Hounds Explore the Beach


ENTRY 5: Devo the Extra Cool Terrier (…of some sort…)

Costa Rican Street Dog

ENTRY 6: Chilling Costa Rican Street Dog

Chihuahua/Dachshund Puppy

ENTRY 7: Curry the 16-week-old Chi-Weenie Grinning Like a Madman

Pit Bull Mix All Dressed Up With No Place To Go

ENTRY 8: Chico the Pit Bull Mix, Being Goofily Delighted at Life, in his Jogging Clothes!

This was an interesting contest… it looks like Chico the Pit mix and Penny the Beagle/Corgi may have come equipped with their own fan clubs. (And rightly so… they’re both adorable.) Chico took a commanding lead in the 20s within the first two days of the contest, followed by Penny at 16, almost as fast. Everybody else (after a last-minute surge by Devo) came in at between 5 and 7 votes. Honestly, I think this is more to do with the competitors just giving people too many awesome choices; I could have voted for any of the pictures in this contest with no hesitation, and the votes just got spread out amongst all the options.

Thank you everybody for your submissions. I will be contacting the winners of each group over the next two weeks to get your t-shirt information. And as for the bandanas… well, that might take a little longer (we haven’t had them printed up yet!) but once I do have them, I’m going to send one to everyone who participated. (Well, unless you don’t want one, of course!) Thanks, this has been a lot of fun for me.

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4 Responses to Dogs of SF Contest: Finally, Dogs!

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  2. Dennis Robinson says:

    This is cutest yellow lab suzy Q

  3. vivian says:

    Hi! I know it haas been years since you have posted this. However, my family and I got a rescue dog from California in 2014, a Schipperke/Pomeranian mix. We absolutely adore her, yet have always wanted to find her previous owners. We know that she was flown up to Oregon from CA. I stumbled upon this blog and realized our dog (Coco) looks exactly like Violet just older. I feel like the dates match up and see that violet hasn’t been in any posts for a while. I was wondering if you had the contact info for violets owners or knew anything to help me on m search? It could be a coincidence or someone from her litter but I was astonished when I saw the similarity. I would love to find her old owners. Thanks so much!

    • Adam Lang says:

      So here’s the funny thing: Violet was actually a submission to that photo contest. She’s not even from San Francisco at all. In fact, if I recall correctly, she’s from the midwest! So I’m guessing it was just a coincidence. Still, a funny one, given that your dog came from California.

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