Dog of the Day: Landseer Newfoundland

I took about twenty pictures of this guy, and only one turned out … marginally all right.  But I think he’s worth posting a bit of a blurry picture, because…  well… look at him.  He’s just ridiculous.

He was, in fact, big enough to put his chin on the counter of the pet store and beg for treats.  And big enough to go browsing in the allegedly dog-proof barrels of dog treats at said pet store.  Although he did not do the latter, being a well-mannered gentleman.  And he had a partner who was just about identical in every way.

Edit: I am informed by a usually reliable source that this is in fact a Landseer Newfoundland, and not a English Mastiff.

Let's go to ludicrous size!

Let's go to ludicrous size!

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