Statueday Supplement: H. D. Buttercup’s Dog Art

Three things to quickly get out of the way. First: woohoo! This is my thousandth post! I’d like to thank all of you for paying attention enough to convince me to continue.

Second: I sent out emails to all of the photo contest winners (and the one person who lost by one point, which is close enough for me), but I only got two emails back. Out of five. So do the rest of you really not want your t-shirt (or tote bag or neckerchief?) Or did your email program think my email was spam? Or are you having trouble deciding? Talk to me!

Third: just a mini-doggie-event: it seems that next Wednesday, celebrating the ‘dog days of summer’, Baker and Banker (a Pacific Heights bakery/restaurant) is giving away a free freshly-baked doggie treat with every human treat. Having stopped there recently for pastries, I can tell you that their human confections, at least, are yummy.

And finally, the post: I took some pictures of the oddments at H. D. Buttercup’s, not long after they opened in the space formerly occupied by the late, unlamented Limn, down near the train station. Goofy.

Shih Tzu Statue

The range of different dog art at HD Buttercup is impressive. From this…

Fuzzy Dog Statue

…all the way to this…

Wickerwork Dog Statue

…with a detour somewhere in the middle to this.

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2 Responses to Statueday Supplement: H. D. Buttercup’s Dog Art

  1. Rose Marie says:

    Congrats on a 1,000 posts! Here’s to many more and the happy day when you and Autumn get your own dog!

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