Dog of the Day: Grayson the 6-Month-Old Weimaraner

Grayson sure looks full-grown to me.

6-Month-Old Weimaraner

Pup’s a little browner than most Weimaraners that I’ve seen. Also: check out the goofy eye-roll.

6-Month-Old Weimaraner

Aww. Puppydog eyes.

6-Month-Old Weimaraner

This is a dog who knows where it itches, and isn’t afraid to let you know too.

6-Month-Old Weimaraner

The dog of a thousand faces…

6-Month-Old Weimaraner

…few of them as goofy as this one. (Also: ack! I just noticed that there’s a pole sprouting from Grayson and now I can’t un-see it!)

6-Month-Old Weimaraner Nose

Perspective is a silly thing.

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4 Responses to Dog of the Day: Grayson the 6-Month-Old Weimaraner

  1. AlliD says:

    Just found your blog – and I LOVE it! I also love your iPoodle shirts – my dog is a black standard poodle, and her silhouette looks very similar. Any chance you can do the iPoodle logo on a tote bag instead of a t-shirt?

    • Adam Lang says:

      Hah, thanks! And yes, there’s a pretty good chance, since I was working on that a couple of days ago. I will post on the front page when they’re ready, should be sometime in the next five days.

    • Adam Lang says:

      All right, I’ve got an iPoodle tote up on Skreened. If you do order one, let me know how it comes out: I’ve bought several tee shirts from there myself, and they’ve all come out great, but I haven’t gotten a tote yet.

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