Dog of the Day: Doki Doki the Beagle

‘Doki’ is apparently the sound the heart makes in Japanese. So Doki Doki is pretty much named ‘thumpthump’. Which seems quite appropriate for a beagle with a very active tail.

Dancing Lilac/Khaki Beagle

Someone is an awesome dancer!

Dancing Lilac/Khaki Beagle

Look at those moves! I would give my left forepaw to be able to dance like that.

Lilac/Khaki Beagle

Oop, someone noticed me.

Dubious Lilac/Khaki Beagle

He looks absolutely unimpressed, doesn’t he?

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3 Responses to Dog of the Day: Doki Doki the Beagle

  1. Doki Doki is a pro, not only at dancing. His face in the last picture is priceless.

  2. I have to say that I love his name. I’ve been collecting cool names for beagles and I am going to add Doki Doki to the list.

    PS. These are the lists of names.
    This & this.

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