Dog of the Day: Cooper the Labradoodle

I subbed in for Autumn today, walking one of her clients. And I am in love. Cooper is a super-adorable giant labradoodle that I would totally adopt in a heartbeat if I could.

Large Black Labradoodle

Picked up Cooper at his place. He was happy to see me, it appeared.

Large Black Labradoodle

Cooper on top of Nob Hill. The typical ‘black dog in sunlight’ problem.

Large Black Labradoodle

Cooper on top of Russian Hill. He’s such a happy dog silhouette.

Large Black Labradoodle

These puppydog eyes were when Cooper realized that, now that I’d brought him back home, I was just going to leave him there. Sorry Cooper… see you again soon, I hope!

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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: Cooper the Labradoodle

  1. Sandy says:

    Cooper is adorable. Your pictures are great – oh, and those sad puppydog eyes. I’m surprised you could leave! Thanks!

    • Adam Lang says:

      I’m surprised too. It’s clear that he doesn’t get nearly enough attention in his day to day life… he obviously needs 25 to 26 hours a day! The poor thing.

      Someone needs to get a picture of him next to a black miniature poodle. We could call it ‘Cooper and Mini-Cooper.’

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