Multi-Dog Day: More Halloween Howlers

I’ve still got a few of these left to post. Tomorrow should get me through the last of them.

Little Bitty Wire Haired Terrier Mix Dressed As A Hot Dog

Ohh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Wiener…

Black Labrador Retriever Dressed as Batman

This guy wins twice: first off, he’s batdog. Second, he’s the Adam West version.

Black Labrador Retriever Dressed As Batman/Batdog

The little head tilt really makes the picture. It was triggered by the squeaky toy I keep in my backpack.

Two Tricolor Beagles

These two were just there to enjoy the sun and giggle at all the costumes.

White Miniature Poodle in a Ladybug Costume

Someone was just a teensy bit hostile. Can’t blame her… she was totally overstimulated, and probably pretty tired to boot. But she definitely wasn’t having any of me.

White Teacup Poodle in a Ladybug Costume

She kept running back to mom for protection, and then back out to bark at me.

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