Dog of the Day: Linus the German Wirehaired Pointer Mix

I am disappointed. I took some pictures yesterday that I totally wanted to post today, of the most adorable little shiba inu in a raincoat, as celebration of the first rain of the season in San Francisco. (It will probably get old for me soon enough, but for right now I was pretty happy about jogging to work in the rain.) But all of the pictures came out blurry, every single one, except one really gorgeous picture of my thumb.

I hope I run into her again, she was so cute, and she seemed to really like her raincoat. And she was super-friendly, too. Next time I’ll use the decent camera instead of trying it with my iPhone.

Anyway, instead, here’s Linus. According to his owner, Linus is a 4-year-old German wirehaired pointer mix. I dunno, I do detect a certain similarity.

Brown German Wirehaired Pointer Mix and Weimaraner

Awesome. I think he’s grinning at me.

Brown German Wirehaired Pointer Mix

Almost looks like a wolfhound mix in this one.

Brown German Wirehaired Pointer Mix, Grey-and-White American Pit Bull Terrier, and Labrador Retriever Mix

I think I got everyone today: in the background of this one are the pit bull and the lab mix.

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